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Thin Tofu Sheets Production Line
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This tofu equipment is specially used in thin tofu sheets production line. Smash the halogen soymilk then hang them on the bracket with 3 halogen barrels below. Shift right and left by the bracket to realize the curding and halogen of materials. The reasonable structure makes the operation even available for only one man, thus saving the labor cost and keeping safe and convenient. As professional tofu equipment manufacturer in China we strongly recommend this type to you.

Curding Machine and Halogen Barrel (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 550×427×1241(curding machine) Diameter 926×1160(halogen barrel)
Power: 1.1KW
Weight/capacity: 500l(capacity)
Output: 150-200kg/br(capacity)

This soybean food equipment manufactured by us in China is used for curding after the soymilk halogen, when the soymilk is smashed in the barrel it still needs continuous mixing to make the soft tofu keep a liquid state preparing for the next procedure of thin tofu sheets production line. The capacity of the transition mixing machine is 150 liters with the output of 120kilograms soymilk per hour.

Transition Blending Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 1200×880×2415
Power: 0.37kw
Weight /capacity: 150l(capacity)
Output: 120kg/hr

Pouring Machine (Tofu Machine)
This soybean food equipment is used to pour the halogen soymilk into the sheets-molds evenly, and then the tofu will be sliced up to one hundred of thin pieces with the running of steel net cloths. This tofu equipment adopts high-quality stainless steels that are not only solid, durable but with high anti-erosion capacities. It also features the high production efficiency, light vibration, low noise, convenient clean and maintenance and so on. Considering the convenience of transportation and installation, the equipment can be divided into two segments and equipped a slop-collective plate, cooperated both with the press machine and the rolling conveyor belt, the structure is reasonable and all the specs above meet the production techniques of thin tofu production line. It can adopt carbon steel according to the requirements of customers.

Size: 11500×700×2020
Power: 0.75kw
Weight /capacity: 500kg
Output: 120kilograms tofu sheets per hour

This soybean food equipment is used for press of tofu sheets in tofu sheets production line, it can offer the pressure oil to tofu sheets hydraulic oil tanks through the hydraulic station and push the platen by the tank piston rod to finish the press. Platforms of these sheets pressing machines are conveyed by sliding the trolley on the track which can eventually lower the labor intensity.

Hydraulic Presser (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 630×640×1915
Power: N/A
Weight /capacity: 384kg
Output: 150kg/hr/set

Functions of the soybean food equipment exist in its power that transmits to hydraulic pressers; this bean curd machine is used with hydraulic presser. The simple but reasonable structure, the horizontal degree, the same-axis degree and vertical degree between motors and gears all meet the technique requirements. This tofu machine can also drive 1to 6 tofu sheets hydraulic presser so it's really one safe and applied tofu sheets production line equipment.

Hydraulic Station (Tofu Machine)
Size: 1100×750×1200
Power: 4 kw
Weight /capacity: 410kg
Output: drive 1to 6 sets tofu sheets hydraulic pressers

Cloth Peeling Machine (Tofu Equipment)

Size: 1300×910×1100
Power: 2.2kw
Weight /capacity: 202kg
Output: 80kg/hr

This tofu equipment is one suited equipment of thin tofu sheets production line, it's used to peel off the cloth wrapped on the tofu sheets from the former procedure, two cloths simultaneously, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves the labor cost but less destroys the sheets.

Couple Peeling Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 1750×880×1900
Power: 2.2kw
Weight/capacity: 355kg
Output: 120kg
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