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Soymilk Production Line
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This soybean food equipment can be used to get rid of the invisible solid elements hiding in barrels of fresh milk, sugar liquid and beverage thus to purify them. This tofu equipment has a special design that two filters are alternatively used and you can replace the filtering cloth without stopping the machine while still keep high production efficiency, so this soybean curd equipment manufactured in China is applicable in the long-period soymilk production line.

Double Filter
Size: 900×450×1000
Weight: 200l(capacity)

This tofu equipment manufactured by us in China is necessary in the soymilk production line that used for heating, cooling, heat-reservation, sterilization and storage and so on. It's widely used in milk product industries, medicine and chemical industries and so on, especially applicable for pasteurization and heat preservation of soymilk.

Heating Jar
Size: diameter1300×1900
Power: 1.1kws
Weight/capacity: 1000l(capacity)

This soybean food equipment adopts SUS304 stainless steel, and it has a long life-span. It's designed and manufactured strictly according with the food sanitation standard requirements; it's suitable for the mixture and storage of several different liquids, with the powerful and high-speed assembly, the materials can be easily and efficiently mixed by the milling mechanism. This machine is really ideal mixture equipment of soymilk production line with a maximum output of 3000l.

Ingredients Mixer
Size: diameter1500×2200
Power: 0.55kws
Weight/capacity: 3000l(capacity)

This soybean food equipment is used for such conditions that the viscosity lowers than 0.2PaS, temperature lowers than 80 degree liquid or mixture to homo-genizing, emulsify, spray and transporting. When the device working, the valve seat, valve core, of the pump body open or close and adjust the efficient control for the body valve knob, valve seat minuteness clearance, form into strong high pressure, the liquid or mixture can be homogenized or emulsification through overflow, cutting, afoul, cavity’s composite force.

Homogenized High-temperature Sterilization System
Power: 30kws
Output: 500l/hr

The liquid packing machine is a kind of tofu production equipment that is specially used for packing milk in the soybean food production line. The processed milk must be packed by the liquid packing machines. The liquid packing machine 1 is of reasonable design and an high production efficiency. This equipment can pack 2000 bags per hour, so it's a wonderful choice for mini type soymilk production line in China.

Liquid Packing Machine (Soybean Food Machine)
Size: 1060×800×1880
Power: 1.5kws
Weight/capacity: 520kgs
Output: 2000bags/hr
This soybean curd machine we manufacture in China has a high automatic degree thus can save the labor cost, with two packing heads working simultaneously, the production efficiency is high it can pack about 4800bages per hour; it's suitable for medium soymilk production line.
Full automatic Two-head Liquid Packing Machine (Soybean Food Machine)
Size: 2100×950×3030
Power: 3.5kws
Weight /capacity: 1500kilos
Output: 4800bags/hr

This soymilk packing and transferring machine is the soybean curd equipment that combines packing and transferring together, it's reasonably designed with 3 machines running simultaneously .it will first pack the fully processed soymilk then transport them to the next procedures through the conveying machine. The features such as simple operation, convenient usage and great productivity made it the ideal choice for large soymilk production line in China.

Soymilk Machine

This tofu equipment is suitable for the package and transportation of soymilk. With 6 machines running simultaneously, the production efficiency is high with an output up to 2000bags per hour per set. In addition, this bean curd machine manufactured by us in China has other features such as reasonable design, small volume, stable run and simple operation.

Soymilk Packing and Transporting Machine (Soybean Food Machine)
Size: length×100×250
Power: 1.5kws×6
Weight/capacity: 520kgs×6
Output: 2000bags/hr×6
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