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Soybean Grinding System

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Soybean Grinding System
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Fission type separating-grinding machine of soymilk and residue Soybean Grinding System is tofu equipment mainly used for soybeans grinding and segregating in tofu manufacturing process. This grinding machine that we manufacture in China adopts advanced designs to make motors postpositive and meanwhile the stainless steel sealing can also efficiently avoid the water entering thus making the operations safer. The Fission type separating-grinding machine of soymilk and residue has a large output of 155-175kg/hr.In addition, it can directly separate the soymilk and residue without outfitting centrifugal machines, so it can really save the machine cost and improve the efficiency.

Fission Type Separating-grinding Machine of Soymilk and Residue (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 900×450×1000
Power: 4kw.
Weight/Capacity: 210kg
Output: 170kg (dry soybeans)/hr.
Soymilk Grinder (Tofu Equipment)
Soymilk grinder is a novel wet-type grinding equipment in Soybean Grinding System, with special design and advanced technology. It's used to transfer the soaking soybeans to grinders for grinding and you can adjust the size of the granules according to your needs. Such tofu machines are wrapped with stainless steel materials that’s not only easy to clean, but can keep sanitation and save time and labor. It also features simple structure, high output and large dealing capacities and so on.
Size: 950×500×875
Power: 5.5kw.
Weight/Capacity: 260kg
Output: 270kg(dry soybean)/hr
Soymilk Grinder (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 1370×870×1420
Power: 15kw.
Weight/Capacity: 770kg
Output: 600kg(dry soybeans)/hr

This soymilk grinder is the advanced tofu equipment that utilizes wet type grinding methods to transfer the soaked soybeans to grinder for grinding, you can arbitrarily adjust the size of granules. The exterior is wrapped with stainless steel materials that is not only easy to clean but also to keep durable. The most outstanding merits of the soybeans grinding system exist in its high soymilk output, large dealing capacity. Furthermore, it can grind 600 kilograms dry soybeans per hour. This tofu equipment that we manufacture in China is always your best choice.

Centrifugal Pump (Tofu Equipment)
The centrifugal pump is the tofu equipment of tofu manufacturing process that transfers the soymilk-residue mixture to the next working procedure through a channel and it is mainly used in several centrifugal working procedures of grinding and centrifugal system. This product has achieved sanitation standards just as the sealed channel transfer can guarantee the purity of soymilk while still keeping a high-pace transfer and a continuous supply which brings high-efficiency. This tofu equipment we manufactured in China also meets the vibration and noise guidelines of GB10889-1989 Methods of Measuring and Evaluating Vibration of Pumps.
Size: 720/820×300×350
Power: 2.2kw.
Weight/Capacity: 75kg
Output: 10tons(plasma)/hr
Soymilk Taking Pump (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 380/530/650×350/400/490×260/320/330
Power: 0.75/1.5/2.2/3/4kw.
Output: 3,5,10,15,20 tons

Soymilk taking pump is used for separations of soymilk and residue. Compared with soymilk grinders, they have wider practicabilities and can be used in different soymilk and residue separations of different output. The inner cone angle of the centrifugal machine is 38, and it can be suitable for separating such soymilk that contains rich proteins but difficult to deal to improve the extracting ratio of proteins. This tofu equipment is convenient to use and you can choose the sieves of different materials and amounts. Centrifugal machine is a key component of soybean grinding system, and it's an ideal tofu machine in soymilk and residue separation. This soymilk taking pump we manufacture in China features simple structure, convenient operation, high-selection efficiency and low power consumption and so on.

Horizontal Centrifugal Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 1720×800×1450
Power: 5.5kw.
Weight/Capacity: 864kg
Output: 600kg/hr

Horizontal centrifugal machine is manufactured to separate soymilk and residue of medium tofu equipment while being matched with a soymilk grinder. This machine has several merits such as high-automatic degree, large dealing capacities, good separating results, stable running and convenient operation and so on. With a small volume and a simple structure the horizontal segregator should be the ideal equipment of soybean grinding systems.

Vertical Centrifugal Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 1100×1000×1300
Power: 5.5kw
Weight/Capacity: 300kg
Output: 300kg/hr

The tofu equipment is mainly used in tofu manufacturing process for separation of soymilk and residue and it can also increase the purities at the same time. As the main assistant equipment of soymilk grinder, the vertical centrifugal machine is easy to operate and it has a large dealing capacity of separating 300 kg per hour so this machine can greatly saves labor force and lower the production cost.

Combined Fix Quantity Grinding System (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 2000×1800×3500
Power: 16.2kw
Output: 600kg(dry soybeans)/hr

This type is an advanced soybeans grinding system machine with outstanding characteristics such as large capacity and high production efficiency, it can grind 600 kilograms dry soybeans per hour. Soymilk grinding is an important tache in tofu production procedure, with a reasonable design, easy operation, high automatic degree, and large output; this combined fix quantity grinding system is really an ideal machine for firm tofu production line.

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