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Raw Soymilk Heating System

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Raw Soymilk Heating System
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Soymilk Cooking Barrel (Tofu Equipment)
Size: diameter 926×1160(short)_diameter 1026×1220(long)
Weight/capacity: 500l(small)/700l(large)(diameter)

Soymilk cooking barrel is an important equipment of raw soymilk heating system, but it's the normal cooking equipment, arc transition without welding dead angles, convenient to clean to avoid the germs growing. This equipment adopts steam pipe heating, and the smart outlet design can efficiently improve the interchange ratio of steam and raw soymilk, meanwhile, this tofu equipment manufactured in China can prevent the outlet being blocked by the milk.

This soybean food production equipment can save heating energy, improve the heating speed and lower the noise, it has achieved the national prescribed standards. Automatic milk burning, convenient operation and low labor force make it an ideal choice of raw soymilk heating system. Furthermore, this soybean curd machine manufactured in China has obtained wide authorizations from our clients.

Cooked Soymilk Sifter (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 2500×910×910
Power: 1.1kw
Weight/capacity: 194kg
Output: 5000 tons of soymilk/hr

This tofu equipment is used to cook and sterilize raw soymilk; it's equipped with five to eight-step type boiling kettles, and artfully applies hot soymilk-raising and cold milk-descending convection principle to set the steam fitter at the bottom of the kettle. The full-sealing design of the kettle can prevent steam pervading, save energy and also speed up the heating. There is a temperature indicator on each kettle to show the present temperature and it's easy to operate.

Five-kettle Continuous Soymilk Burning Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 2960×800×1870
Power: 1.5kw
Weight/capacity: 650kg
Output: 5 tons of soymilk more or less/hr
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