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Tofu Chicken Production Line

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Tofu Chicken Production Line
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Tofu Chicken Ingredient Blending Machine (Tofu Equipment)
Size: 500x500x800
Power: 5kw
Weight /capacity: 200kg
Output: 300kg

Tofu chicken is a kind of soybean food that copies the meat flavor which tastes wonderful. Tofu chicken not only includes abundant proteins but also includes 8 kinds of aminophenol that people needs, it's of high nutrition. Tofu chicken ingredient blending machine is one kind of tofu equipments used to mix the materials, this tofu equipment we manufactured in China can eliminate the times people touch the alkaline water directly, thus more protective to our health.

This tofu equipment is to mold the type of tofu chicken in the tofu chicken production line, after blending the tofu chicken materials; this equipment will finalize their designs. This tofu equipment we manufactured in China features simple structure, reasonable design, convenient usage and high production efficiency.

Tofu Chicken Molding Machine
Size: 3490×800×1445
Power: 7kw
Weight /capacity: 500kg
Output: 300kg/hr

The helix presser is also one tofu equipment used for pressing the tofu chicken, with the reasonable design, simple operation and the low noise. It can create a better operational environment for workers engaging on the tofu chicken production line. It has a high production efficiency that can press 100 kilograms tofu chickens per hour.

Helix Presser
Size: 864×711×2000
Power: 1.5kw
Weight/capacity: 420kg
Output: 100kg/hr

This tofu equipment can be used to press and mold tofu chicken, it looks beautiful and is easy to use.

Hydraulic Presser ( For pressing tofu chicken)
Size: 779×864×2150
Power: N/A
Weight /capacity: 470kg
Output: 100kg/hr

The tofu chicken boiler is especially for boiling tofu chicken of tofu chicken production line. This tofu machine adopts high-quality materials, solid and durable, with a diameter of 1000×800, capacity of 400litres.

Tofu Chicken Boiler
Size: diameter 1000×800
Weight /capacity: 400l(capacity)
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