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1. Production Capacity of Soybean Food Equipments
Every 8 hours, this full set mechanical equipment can process 250 kilograms dry soybeans till the maximum capacity is 80 tons and they can be matched according to your different needs.

2. Sorts of Tofu Equipments
1)Conveying and elevating system
2)Soaking system
3)Grinding system
4)Centrifugal system 
5)Soymilk cooking system
6)Fully automatic Japanese tofu production line
7)Firm/hard tofu production line
8)Dried/fried tofu production line
9)Automatic tofu production
10)Soft tofu production line
11)Soymilk production line
12)Egg tofu production line and so on.

3. To Provide the Following Services
1.Visit large-medium soybean food manufacturing enterprises.
2. Provide the technique layout and production flow design for newly-built factories. Furthermore, the additional services also include the construction requirements according to the building base, the referential circuit chart of equipment and water or air supply charts.
3. Provide the technique layout and design schemes for old factories that need to update the equipments.
4. Provide installation, debugging and after-service of our equipments.
5. Provide the production techniques and management system.
6. Provide the purchase information of relative auxiliary materials and packaging materials.
7. Full set turnkey job.
8. Contact the domestic famous soybean food expert and production consultant.

Main Products
    1. Japanese Tofu Production LineJapanese tofu production line is advanced tofu equipment. The plastic-box packing machine is used to fill the lactone soymilk into each box evenly through four-current valves, then pass the liquid-supplement and...
    1. Firm Tofu Production LineThis tofu equipment manufactured in China presses and moulds tofu by using the high-pressure air supplied from air pumps to drive the plunger in the cylinder. The invariable and even air pressing pressure ensures the unification of tofu...
    1. Automatic Firm Tofu Production LineAutomatic firm tofu production line features its special design, beautiful appearance and high automatic degree. This tofu machine applies automatic programmable controller which can not only efficiently save...
    1. Silken Tofu / Soft Tofu Production LineSoft soybean curd tastes tender and delicious, and is of high quality so it's really the first choice for health food. Soft tofu production line is the advanced tofu equipment, and the water tofu automatic soymilk flowing...