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Fried Gluten Production Line
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This tofu equipment is used to deal with the fried gluten materials, it's the chief equipment of fried gluten production line, this tofu equipment is easy to use and can generate well-molding glutens, with the large output, it can save numbers of labor force thus decreasing the labor cost. In addition, this tofu equipment we manufactured in China can knead 300kilograms dough per hour.

Kneading Dough Machine (Fried Gluten Machine)
Size: diameter600×1200
Power: 0.37kws
Weight /capacity: 75kg
Output: 300kg/hr

This tofu equipment is made of high-degree materials; it's the excellent food processing equipment with features like stable operation, reliable capacities and convenient cleaning abilities and so on.

Manual Fry Pan (Fried Gluten Ball Machine)
Size: φ800×1100
Weight/capacity: 110kg
Output: 50kg/hr

This tofu equipment can be used for molding of fried glutens. They have excellent capabilities and beautiful appearance; they can generate well-molding glutens with high production efficiency of pressing about 5000 per hour. So this tofu machine is really ideal equipment for fried glutens production line.

Fried Gluten Molding Machine (Fried Gluten Ball Machine)
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