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Dried Tofu Production Line
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Helix Presser

Size: 864×711×2000
Power: 1.5kw
Weight/capacity: 420kg
Output: 100kg/hr

The dried tofu is rich of abundant mineral elements that people required such as proteins, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphor and iron elements and so on, in addition, it also combines the taste, flavor and color together thus obtaining the warm favor from majority customers. Helix press machine also belongs to the soybean food production equipment that used to squeeze and press the dried tofu in dried tofu production line. Furthermore, this soybean curd equipment we manufacture in China is widely used for such features just like its simple structure, firmness, durability, convenient maintenance and high production efficiency and so on.

Dried Tofu Hydraulic Presser
Size: 779×864×2150,1150×650×2565,1150×650×2565
Weight/capacity: 470kg
Output: 100/120/150kg/hr

This soybean food equipment can be used to press dried tofu. It can offer the pressure oil to dried tofu hydraulic oil tanks through the hydraulic station and push the platen by the tank piston rod. A water-collective plate is set on the base and it also connects the guide rail, and then places the frameworks on the dolly to fill soymilk. The two-head operation can perform discharging and pressing dried tofu simultaneously thus to realize the continuous pressing. This dried tofu production line can efficiently control the press time and strength to ensure the unification of taste and flavor. The whole exterior is all wrapped with stainless steel which keeps safe, sanitary and convenient to clean.

This tofu machine manufactured by us in China adopts the advanced automatic assembly control which can improve the automatic degree of dried tofu production line and save labor force. This equipment has a small volume and reasonable design. This tofu equipment is made of high-quality materials which can have a prolonged life-span with an output of 500kilos per hour.

Dried Tofu Cooling, Halogen and Settlement Production Line
Size: 16000×1140×1330
Power: 3.6kw
Weight/capacity: 1700kg
Output: 500kg/hr

The pressed dried tofu needs halogenating after pressing. The halogenation pan is just the tofu equipment of dried tofu production line. This tofu machine can be heated in a larger zone evenly with a short boiling time. So it can save energy resources and is easy to control the heating temperature. This is really better equipment not only for its halogenation but also for the attractive exterior and stable durability and so on.

Dried Tofu Halogen Pan
Size: 1370×1120×900
Weight/capacity: 78kg
Output: 250kg/hr

This hydraulic pressure station is the important equipment of dried tofu production line, this tofu machine features the high quality and simple but reasonable structure, furthermore, the level angle of the motor, same-axis and vertical degrees between the motor and gear all meet the technique requirements. This tofu machine we manufacture in China can also drive 5 to 10 sets dried tofu pressers to work with high working efficiency.

Hydraulic Station
Size: 1100×750×1200
Power: 4/5.5kw
Weight/capacity: 410kg
Output: drive about 5-10 dried tofu pressers
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