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How to Increase the Yield of Tofu
You can just produce 2 kilogram soybean curd if you choose to process 0.5 kilogram soybeans in traditional methods. But the following steps can not only help you to get 3 kilogram soybean curd in the same amount soybeans but still keep high nutritive values. Take 4 point 5 kilogram soybeans as examples in the following procedure:
1. Choosing soybeans. Soybeans of satiation state are better and you should peel off the shell before processing.
2. Soaking soybeans. The soybeans without shells should be soaked in 12 point 5 kilogram cold water (fresh water is better but well water prohibited). Soaking about 9 to 10 hours in spring and autumn while 3to 4 hours in summer. Soaking procedure will end while the sunken part of the soybeans is full of water too.
3. Soymilk grinding. Totally grinding for two times and the first time you give them a even but slight coarse grinding, while the second time you should add 7 point 5 kilogram water to blend them for fine grinding.
4. Soymilk filtering. Filtering the well-grinded soymilk and washing the residues for two times, while adding 10 kilogram water for the first time and 5 kilogram water for the second time.
5. Soymilk cooking. Use edible oil to brush the barrel for two times to prevent burning before cooking and then add a little cold water after boiling.
6. Curding. Pour the well-cooked tofu into the barrels and dip2 to 3 drops halogen of 25℃ till the soymilk temperature lowers to 90℃, and then blend them slightly to prevent partial curding. Stop blending until snow-like tofu hua appears, finally place the cover and prepare to press tofu after 15 minutes.
7. Pressing. After smashing the tofu, you should pour them into tofu boxes and cover the lid. Then cut the tofu into pieces and place them in water. The whole procedures end after cooling.

High-output and High-efficiency Tofu Making Methods
1. Method of slurry surging with coldwater
The traditional tofu-making method can only produce 2point 5 kilogram tofu with one kilogram soybeans. But this coldwater slurry surging method can improve the tofu production efficiency by over 30%. Procedure: First pour the boiling soymilk into the wood barrels, and then add a barrel of coldwater instantly after it gets cold (ratio is 5 kilogram soybeans to about 10 kilogram coldwater) and fully blend them to make the temperature lower evenly. After about 5 to 10 minutes, please add one scoop of gypsum water once and repeat adding for 3 times the tofu will totally form.
2. Alkali adding method
The solvent protein in soybeans usually accounts for about 30% of the total protein. These infusible proteins existing in the soymilk are difficult to form tofu while curding. But if you add some alkali while soaking the soybeans according to such a dosage ratio of 500 kilogram soybeans to 2 kilogram alkali, the infusible proteins will transform to solvent proteins. So this way can help to form tofu instantly while curding thus to improve the throughput by 40%.
3. Methods of squeezing oil first making tofu last
Cold press the selected 100 kilogram soybeans that have been cleaned to extract 9 to 10 kilogram soybean oil and 80 more kilogram bean cakes which will be used to make tofu. There,s no need to grind soymilk while making tofu with the cold press bean cakes. Procedure: mix per 10 kilogram bean cakes with nearly 70 kilogram water together, and soak them in barrels or vats for about 8 hours, then pour them into the boilers to heat while keep blending in case that the soymilk get burnt. Curd them after the soymilk boils. Slowly dip the gypsum water into soymilk barrels around the edge until tofu hua appears. Other making methods are same to traditional ones. The soybean oil produces in this way is of high quality, and the tofu is not only high productive and white but also tastes tender and delicious. Nearly per 100 kilogram soybeans will bring you a net profit of 30 to 40 yuan.
4. Methods of making tofu without residues
This method can produce tofu without residues, so it's not necessary to equip machines for filtration, and this kind of tofu tastes good under a low cost but a high production efficiency. Procedure: firstly, fully wash, soak and peel off the shells of soybeans then congeal them and mash them. Next you should heat the mashes up to 100℃ and stop after 3 to 4 minutes, this moment add 2 to 5 percent calcium sulphate of soybean amount while the temperature naturally lowers to the range of 70℃ to 80℃ to make the mashes congealed and finally you can slightly mash them and get rid of the floating liquid, put them into boxes with vent points to cover, press and evaporate, then the tofu making procedures end.

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